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Why Cacao?

Everybody loves chocolate

Once the preferred medium of trade between indigenous civilizations of the Yucatan Peninsula, who prized it for its durability, portability, and intrinsic nutrient value. Cacao serves as a reminder that real money grows on trees and works best when it’s backed by tangible value.

Today cacao faces many of the challenges that come with industrial farming: disease, exploitation, and the effects of climate change. With global demand for cacao growing rapidly, we may soon be facing a shortage of one the worlds most beloved food.

The Solution

Tools to self-organize

Cacao.io is a platform to help farming communities self-organize and compete in the global market. By collecting critical data about the harvesting, processing, and shipping process involved in global distribution, and storing it on the blockchain, Cacao.io guarantees that you know where your products come from and the people involved in making them were paid an honest wage.

Technology by itself is not the solution so we also work directly with farmers to address the socio-economic needs of their communities. Through our partner Nature Economy & Conservation, we help communities to rehabilitate large areas of land damaged from mismanagement and exploitation, allowing communities to live healthy on their land for generations.

Veysel Cetiner

Founder, CEO

Silvio Bonomelli

Research & Development

Jordan Klow


Eduard Müller


Gabo Esquivel

Technical Advisor

Laszlo Corti


Jay Martinaglia

Field Advisor


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